Pergolas Modern
Pergolas Modern

The unquestionable quality of aluminium pergolas guarantees great resistance in hard weather conditions. Suitable for any space, they are easily assembled and installed and require no particular maintenance. Powder coating is combined with the standards of seaside class for protection from salinity. They are available in a variety of colors, in special colors and wood imitation shades.

Pergolas - Modern Range

Easy and fast construction. Special joints for the installation of transversal purlins on crossbars without further processing or joints. A modern version of aluminium pergolas in simple and minimal line, suitable for buildings with the concept "less is more". Available in several colors, with seaside class powder coating and indisputable highconstruction quality. It is the ideal architectural solution for spaces surrounding modern houses.

Modern with Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate panels may be fitted on modern pergolas, adding protection from weather conditions. Ideal for gardens, swimming pools, roof gardens, etc. adding style and particular aesthetics. Lexan® polycarbonate sheets make safe and impermeable pergolas.

Modern with Canvas Roofing

Another version of pergola, featuring a soft line of canvas on the fixed aluminium structure. The combination of modern pergolas with canvas offer additional shading to balconies, gardens etc.

Modern Pergola with Movable Louver Blades for Shading

The technological evolution in shading systems! An exceptional modern solution that was designed having two things in mind, functionality and high aesthetics. The pergola can be motorized, providing the best degree of sun-shading. It can be easily operated by means of a remote control.

Modern Pergola with Fixed Louver Blades

With fixed louver blades - Class meets quality. One more option of the modern pergola, where fixed louver blades may be used in certain parts, giving originality to modern design. Highly recommended for those seeking things out of the ordinary.