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ALUPARK Sliding Parking Glass Partitions
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ALUPARK Sliding-Parking

ALUPARK Partitions are the ideal solution for separating banquet halls, conference rooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms in hotels and corporate buildings. These moving walls combine the elegance of aluminium-glass partitions with the functionality required in terms of privacy, mobility and ease-of-use.

Each panel can be individually moved by hand into a convenient parking bay and stacked to open up the entire width of the opening. The stacking arrangement allows the panels to be stacked out of sight or in areas where there is no hindrance to access with both parallel and perpendicular parking arrangements possible. The first panel is an openable door after which all other panels will slide and stack into the parking area. No bottom floor guide is necessary.

Stylish well-designed profiles with special interlocking arrangement, seals, two-point up-&-down locking and insulated DGU glass ensures that every ALUPARK partition remains a solid wall when closed, effectively reducing sound.

Profiles can anodized, powder-coated or wood-coated to suit the interiors with maximum panel size of 1400mmW
x 4000mmH.