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Frama Galileo

Imagine looking beyond. Galileo by FRAMA is a new concept aluminium pergola designed for protection from the sun and rain. It is configured like a veranda covered by a system of sliding canvases on its sides and it is suitable for covering large areas. When the sunshade is open the profiles are gathered at the sides, leaving the top part completely open. The moving parts are motorized.

Ideal for covering large areas in public establishments & private spaces, its elegant lines integrate perfectly with modern architecture & adds value to your environment. It is designed as a veranda covered by a system of laterally moving, individual panels. Self-supporting solutionpossible with two independent modules provided with two slopes


Exclusive design

Galileo Futura: A range that has exclusive treatments & finishes; ideal for the most exacting of clientele. Aluminum profiles which have been chemically treated with 12 immersion baths. Futura has steel effect polishing & polished chromium plated steelbaccessories, to obtain a unique product.

Exceptional performance

The structure is tested for considerable wind resistance of more than 118 km/h. Galileo is constructed using aluminium profiles with steel & stainless steel accessories. There are no nylon components in the structure.

Exclusive versions

to make your environment unparalleled: Classic, in grey & white. Country, with a green or walnut coloured wood effect for all the aluminum extrusion profiles & coordinated accessories. Futura, with a steel effect on all the aluminium extrusion profiles treated with a chemical finish, brushed silver or black & coordinated accessories.

Pure vision of space

Galileo transforms from completely closed to completely open at a touch of a button. It needs no intermediate support up to 12 meters wide. It would need only 1 rigid element at the centre of the roof for another 12 meters, allowing an unobstructed view of the open skies.


Wide range of colours to integrate Galileo in any location. PVC textiles in 5 colours with polished & embossed sides and textiles from the Frama range. Manufactured using the exclusive Adhesil system as standard. Guaranteeing impermeability even under the most difficult conditions.


You can enrich your Galileo with a host of exclusive accessories such as the false ceiling panels, LED lights on the profiles, solar panels, spot lights on the columns & walls. Stacking glass windows for protection from wind & rain. You can also add screens & decorative planters.

Technical Characteristics
  • A completely extended Galileo canvas can resist strong winds of up to 102 km/h, equivalent to force 10 (tempest force) on the Beaufort scale, which is far more than the class 3 wind scale (which corresponds to force 6 on the Beaufort scale i.e. "fresh winds" of circa 50 Km/h).
  • With the canvass gathered in the fixed structure can resist strong winds equivalent to circa 110 Km/h.
  • With a minimum gradient of 5�, Galileo can discharge a flow of rainwater superior to Class 2 (standard UNI EN 13561) which corresponds to 56/l/sq.m/h.
  • A completely extended Galileo canvas can resist a snow load equivalent to circa 50 cm of fresh light snow.
  • With the canvass gathered in the fixed structure can resist a snow load equivalent to 128 Kg/sq.m (Ministerial Decree dated 16/1/96).
  • The minimum recommended gradient is 5�.
  • Galileo is tested to a class 3 (3000 cycles) mechanical resistance.
  • The noise level during the movement of its parts Is less than 70 dB. The electricity supply is of 220 V single phase plus grounding. The electrical plant requires a dedicated line with its own disconnector.
  • The controls require the presence of a person with a radio transmitter controlled within visual range of the moving parts for continual monitoring of the movement of the font profile.
  • Automation with sensors (wind, rain, sun.) is possible only for canvases with moving parts higher than 2,5 metres from the ground.
  • The canvas must be installed by trained professionals.