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SLEEK ViewAll Sliding Doors & Windows
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SLEEK ViewAll Sliding Doors & Windows

Simplicity is in the essence of SLEEK ViewAll system design philosophy – to create large sliding glass panels that can be moved effortlessly by children and senior citizens alike – with minimum vertical frames so as to maximize vision. This straightforward yet path-breaking design belief has created SLEEK ViewAll SM45 - the most innovative sliding door system in the world.

The SLEEK ViewAll system is stylish yet robust and allows for smooth, reliable operation of large sliding panels. With a vertical footprint of only 20mm at the interlock junctions (and as low as 9mm in some cases), SLEEK ViewAll SM45 large sliding doors offer an incredible visual experience – without compromising on any performance characteristics like air, water, wind resistance & with minimum sliding effort.

The SLEEK ViewAll system is flexible enough to accommodate all sliding requirements with two, three and four tracks including sliding doors at right angles with floating 90� vertical corner. Unique flymesh panels with minimal 20mm frame design increases the choice provided to the customer especially in India. The system is available in a large variety of finishes including anodizing, powder-coating and imitation-wood. A choice of single, insulated DGU and laminated glass panels are possible. Porta Finestra Design offers end-to-end services including design, manufacturing and installation followed by superior technical support.

The elegant SLEEK ViewAll Sliding Doors have proved to be the natural choice for bungalows, villas, penthouses, high-rise apartments and terrace apartments – in fact at any location where beauty meets functionality.

SM45 Sliding Doors are complemented by the SM29 sliding windows system that incorporates the same design philosophy and is used for smaller sliding window openings.

  • Only 20mm vertical frame visible at interlock junctions.
  • Smooth and reliable operation of large sliding panels with minimum effort.
  • Completely air and water resistant.
  • Heavy-duty system with high resistance to wind pressure.
  • Suitable for monolithic glass, insulated DGU glass and laminated glass.
  • Maximum sliding panel size 1800mmW x 3600mmH
  • Systems: SM45 & SM29
  • Finishes: anodized, powder-coated, imitation wood-coated.
  • 2, 3 & 4 tracks.
  • Flymesh panel.
  • Floating 90� vertical corner.