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SOLIDO Glass Railing
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SOLIDO Glass Railing

SOLIDO glass railings provide a structurally stable seamless interface between the outdoors and the indoors.

The SOLIDO design philosophy is simple – a robust glass balcony railing system that provides a clear transparent unlimited view - without any vertical balustrades.

All SOLIDO seamless glass railing models have a heavy-duty aluminium base that is anchored onto the RCC floor. The frameless glass is held firmly within the base to create a free-standing glass railing that is structurally stable and provides uninterrupted view.

SOLIDO glass railings can be fixed to the base RCC floor in many ways – surface-mounted (on floor), side-mounted and recessed. This gives unlimited flexibility in designing. All SOLIDO frameless railings are modular in design making them easy to install and maintain.

Round or oval aluminium TopRail with wall & end connectors can be fixed on the glass to create a stable, finished glass railing.

  • Modern aesthetic shape.
  • Heavy-duty frameless glass floor-mounted, side-mounted or recessed railing system without vertical balustrades.
  • Designed to resist high wind-pressure and live loads without compromising safety.
  • Unlimited view.
  • Glass from 12mm to 21.5mm thickness - single (monolithic) or Laminated with Sentry film.
  • Easy to install - dry fixing - without silicon sealants.
  • Low maintenance with easy cleaning and glass replacement.
  • Round or Oval aluminium TopRail with wall & end connectors for fixing on top of glass.
  • Suitable for balconies and terraces in residential high-rise apartments, bungalows, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals.
SOLIDO FLOOR surface-mounted glass railing system
  • SOLIDO S100
    Uses special aluminium base profile assembly which is anchored on floor in segments. Glass is inserted in base profile and the assembly is tightened with special bolts. Oval cover profile is mounted on this base. Cover profile available in powder coated, colour & natural anodizing, wood-imitation finishes. Available in three models- SF1000 / SF1100 / SF1200 depending on glass height with maximum glass thickness 17.5mm.
  • SOLIDO S115
    Uses heavy special aluminium profile with precision glass fixing technology to create extremely strong frameless glass railings. Suitable for glass height upto 1200mm & glass thickness upto 21.5mm.
SOLIDO WALL side-mounted glass railing system

The heavy-duty aluminium profile is anchored onto the wall of the RCC parapet. The railing glass is fixed to the wall profile by special metallic pins. The cover profile provides a neat finished appearance. The system supports glass up to 1200mm height & glass thickness upto 19mm. The system can be installed inside or outside of the building (with scaffolding). Cover profile available in powder-coated, colour & natural anodizing, wood-imitation finish.

SOLIDO RECESSED (in-floor) glass railing system

Heavy special aluminium base profile is recessed in the ground. Precision wedge-fixing technology with waterproof glass gaskets is used to fix the glass and create extremely strong frameless glass railings. Suitable for glass height upto 1200mm and glass thickness upto 21.5mm.